Saturday, April 19, 2014

Miss Philippines Earth 2014 Kicks off at SM

Last April 2, the beautiful candidates of Ms. Philippines Earth 2014 showcased a "beauty for a cause" at SM Supermarket Megamall and the Mega A Event Center. Their "green" advocacies promised that they are beyond beauty and brains. And that's how exactly how they stand out from the pageant world. 

Justice League: Heroes United Now at SM

Who's your favorite Justice League Hero? I have always pegged myself to Wonder Woman because I juggle too many things at the same time. And now, Pacific Licensing Studio, together with The SM Store launched the Justice League: Heroes United at SM. This is a year-long merchandising program lead by Honey Barn Corporation, who is Warner Bros. Consumer Products key product licensee for DC Comics in The Philippines. Are you just as excited as I am?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PLDT Home DSL Gives "Ask Diego" a Reliable Connection

Have you tried asking Diego of "Ask Diego" a question? When I first posted a blog about him and asked him something about eating chocolates, he responded immediately. It was a random question and he sweetly answered that I have to share them. Coming from someone that young, Diego made my day. I'm pretty sure that his family, together with his Mom, Dad and sister, taught him well. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Summertime at Sandbox, Alviera

Are you that someone who thrives for adventure? Good news for the North peeps, because Ayala Land Inc. in partnership with Leonio Land introduces its unique summer getaway that spells outdoor fun and adventure in Porac, Pampanga. Are you excited? Well you should be because it opens today, April 12!

Have a Meaningful Lovelife by Controlling PE

You know how the song “stay a little bit longer” goes? Whenever I’m with my special someone, I always wanted to be with him for a longer period of time. I guess I’m THAT smitten whenever I’m with him. Lately, I have attended an event where being with your partner longer goes hand in hand. For the men who might be reading this, let’s talk about real relationship, and how you make it better for us women, shall we?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chef's Noodle Gets Sam Concepcion as its Newest Endorser

Food and music, these are the few of my favorite things. And now, Chef’s Noodle, one of my favorite Korean fix, collaborated  the new favorite go-to restaurant for hearty Korean dishes, introduced its new endorser—actor, singer and dancer Sam Concepcion.

Happy Sibling's Day!

When my brother and I were younger, that picture above was probably just one of the moments where we were close. I know, that was bratty of me, but see, I was used to being the only child for six years. I play alone, or along with my childhood friends that I didn't see the need to have a brother or a sister. So when Lester came, everything was a competition. But I didn't know that it would change afterwards.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Say “No to Ngilo” with Sensodyne

Have you ever experienced not being able to eat your favorite ice cream or a fruit shake just because you have sensitive teeth? This summer makes me want to always have cold drinks but I’m afraid that it’ll cause me problems so I’ll just stop so I won’t have to suffer from “pangingilo”. 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Magnum Manila Opens at the SM Aura Premier this April 8

Behold, the Magnum Manila
When I received an invite from Magnum, I was super excited because that meant I'll be having their sumptuous ice cream in this very hot summer day. Its velvety ice cream and real Belgian chocolate in one bar seems heavenly, especially in this April weather. And while everyone is clamoring for more, Magnum will not disappoint their fans, because this month and for the whole year, you will get to to have the ultimate brand experience as they open Magnum Manila today, April 8!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Affordable Phones from DTC Mobile And A Giveaway!

For someone who's always on the go like myself, I always need a phone with me. My officemates would always ask me why I always bring three phones during our meetings or when we go out for lunch. You see, I have one phone for my office transactions, one phone where the boyfriend can contact me, and one to browse the Internet with. It's stressful at times, but I need to deal with a lot of things everyday, juggling the work-life balance thing.


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